it's our hearts that make the beat

it's our hearts that make the beat

asexual | 20 | female | aquarius | intp
arctic fox | ravenclaw | rogue of blood

my name's aisu and i'm a fursuiting animation student
who's obsessed with hearts and movies. a collector of pokémon, furbies, dane dehaan characters, and twenty
one pilots
interviews. i like icelandic falsettos and
making people uncomfortable about their own insides.
my daemon is pyth and he's a great singer.
currently obsessed with kill your darlings
~*andrew detmer appreciation blog*~
inspiration | pony art
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    The best thing about Josh and Tyler is like you ship them but not like as a romantic couple but like as people who were so clearly meant to be friends and it’s just like idk you feel super glad that they met and wow I’m so happy

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            I enjoy the sound of Tyler Joseph’s voice so much. and I’m not even talking about his singing voice just his regular everyday voice. I would listen to him read the terms and conditions of anything man

              deigeridemon asked "hey so i wanna give 21 pilots a try, whats your favorite song by them/what do you recommend I listen to first?"

              deigeridemon oh man, awesome!! okay, check their music videos first. holding on to you, car radio, guns for hands, house of gold, and truce. that will give you a pretty good idea of what they’re all about. each song is pretty different so if you don’t like one, don’t let it get you down, try the next one! after those, i’d recommend listening to ode to sleep, addict with a penkitchen sink, and trees. i hope you like them! :’))

              i’m gonna publish this in case anyone else wants to check them out too, i hope you don’t mind!

                For some reason, I don’t know how women do it, but they always figure out my code. +

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                    all the PRETTY GIRLS ON A STRAUDAY NIGHT

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