As Andrew's mun you basically know him inside and out, but something that happens when I think i really really know a character or person is I'll remember something they said or did that really just doesn't make sense to their character as you know them. Is there anything Andrew did that you still don't understand? —slysk8s

ummm… hmm, i’ll never be able to logically wrap my brain around some of the stuff he did at the end of the movie, because there was no logic there; it was just feeling, and i feel those things, i can feel how how he felt even though i can’t explain it exactly. he found a way to excuse himself of guilt (the “apex predator” theory) and use it to completely turn off his empathy, become engrossed in his own anger, and let it take over his actions so he could get revenge. i’ll admit that i do “turn off empathy” (which for me is limited to begin with) when i need to distance myself from something that’s upsetting to me, but the way andrew does it is - not normal, you know. he has a lot of darkness in him. but i guess that doesn’t really answer your question, since you’re asking about things that “don’t make sense”, and all of that does make sense for him to do emotionally, just not logically (because he was not making logical sense at that point, he was all emotions).

i’m trying to think of something that really doesn’t make sense to his character and i guess i can think of maybe two moments that - well it’s not that they don’t make sense, i’ve just not yet decoded them.

when andrew’s talking to matt while skipping rocks, he asks “do you ever think of like… doing more with it?” and i’ve still not yet figured out exactly what he’s referring to. at that point they don’t know they will be able to fly and since steve is the first to figure that out i doubt that andrew was thinking of that, so what did he mean? was he already thinking about revenge at this point? or did he just want to try bigger things than throwing rocks? in the scenes prior he reveals that he has been practicing things in his room (levitating his camera) so maybe he’s just talking about honing his skills and learning more about his powers and what they can do. this scene leads into steve talking about telekinesis and then the scene on the bleachers where andrew says “i think it’s time to take this out of the backyard,” which gives us the clue that what he might have been expressing to matt when he said doing “more” was that he wanted to take his powers out into the world and use them on a larger scale instead of confining them to lifting cameras and legos in private spaces. but it’s still unclear.

i don’t think he was talking about doing superhero-like stuff either, helping people or whatever, since his comment in the diner later (the other thing i am still a bit confused about) about how the idea of matt starting a charity is “lame” implies that he is not interested in helping people around the world (which makes sense, considering the world has never done a thing to help him, and my andrew in dane gang has expressed that he would never become a superhero for that same reason). andrew’s desire to help people has a selfish edge - he only wants to help people who have helped him, people who are beneficial to him - people in the good part of his monkeysphere, per say. he loves his mother and he loves steve and wants to protect them both but he’s not preoccupied with people outside of this little bubble, like the redneck asshole. (when redneck asshole is hurt because of his actions he is sorry because it was an accident and he does cares about saving the guy, but his actions are definitely driven by andrew wanting to remove blame and guilt from himself, not actually worrying about the man’s well-being because andrew has a scary ability to fully believe that anyone who wrongs him, even if it’s just something small like annoying him on the road, doesn’t deserve his sympathy.) but andrew isn’t inherently cruel, evidenced by how he complains when matt moves the dish cart in the diner and makes the waitress shatter a plate. he’s concerned for her because she’s been kind to them and he thinks they’ve already messed with her enough and now it’s time to leave her alone.

the thing that’s confusing about the diner statement is that when steve asks “why is that lame?” andrew shuts up immediately and looks confused with himself, and answers “i dunno” before matt throws a spoon at his camera. since you sent me this message two days ago i’ve been contemplating how to answer and this charity exchange came up as something i still didn’t understand, but now that i’ve talked to rachel about infp feelings i’m starting to realize that that comment may actually have. above all, been spurned by his desire to ‘fit in with the group’ and take jabs at matt. in saying that matt’s idea was lame, he might have thought steve would back him up and agree, because steve was just teasing matt was well about his inconsistent feelings. but steve instead turns to andrew and asks why he thinks it’s lame, and the confrontation scares him into shutting up and wondering why he spoke up at all. with andrew there’s always so much to take in account when he says anything at all - he’s a puzzle, alright.

Be careful, you are not in Wonderland. I’ve heard the strange madness long growing in your soul, in your isolation but you fortunate in your ignorance. You who have suffered find where love hides, give, share, lose, lest we die unbloomed. 'Kill Your Darlings 2013

Andrew+ playing board games and/or smoking —whiteash6

andrew + playing board games: andrew and matt used to play board games at his house when they were little, and when they became close again after getting their powers they played some of their silly old games with steve. of course, now the pieces all move themselves around the board and the cards shuffle themselves (courtesy of andrew). the three of them also played cards against humanity. a lot.

andrew + smoking: he’s sort of disdainful of all types of smoking but he’s not annoying about it and doesn’t like, judge people for it, he just doesn’t partake in it. he teases matt about smoking weed, but (assuming andrew edited his own earlier footage) is kind enough to edit out what steve says about smoking it, presumably because steve says he wants to go into politics and he doesn’t want to endanger his future career. cigarettes worry him because he knows how badly they can fuck up your lungs and he’s been around people with lung problems enough to have a good reason to be scared.

(andrew detmer and literally everything tbh) andrew and fears (not directly irl ones but like, was he afraid of the dark etc), andrew and happiness, andrew and being alone —boyinthemachine

andrew + fears: andrew has a social phobia and anxiety. being around many people exhausts him and he needs lots of alone time to recover. with friends he prefers to interact one-on-one or in a very small group (two to three other people at most) before he starts to get nervous and close up. though he doesn’t like crowds, he can deal with being in one as long as no one’s paying him any attention. the second they do, he goes into fight or flight mode (usually flight). he doesn’t like when people cough, especially if they have smoker’s lung or are sick - any kind of harsh coughing reminds him of his mother and thoroughly scares him. he has emetophobia and a tendency to vomit from anxiety which is an awful combination, but he’s tough and it’s bearable unless someone else is around to see him vomit, which absolutely horrifies him because of his history of other kids making fun of him when he couldn’t keep food down. he’s pretty scared of disease/sickness in general because of his mother’s illness, and though he knows how to take care of people when they’re sick it makes him very sad and anxious. he’s afraid of his father (or was afraid of him until he finally allowed himself to fight back), but that’s a given. he also dislikes bruises, which to him are shameful and a sign of weakness, and is afraid that other people will see them so when his father gives them to him he hides them (notice he never once wears short sleeves in chronicle, even when indoors or sleeping, when it probably isn’t that cold). as for irrational fears he was probably afraid of the dark when he was little and slept with a night light. i also have a headcanon that when he was very young he would watch movies with matt and some of them scared him but he would just continue to sit there silently while his heart pounded because he didn’t want to admit his fear to matt or spoil anything because at least someone was hanging out with him.

andrew + happiness: aw gosh okay first of all when andrew’s in a good mood anything will make him giggle, like fucking anything. the dumbest things. and it’s not laughing, it’s like 100% giggling. he doesn’t get to raise his voice much so when he feels free and happy he has a tendency to get louder and do a lot of excited yelling with his dumb cracking voice. he has a kind of sideways smile, his mouth pulls up on his right side (the dimple side) more than on the other side. when he’s really comfortable and happy around the people he’s with he is extra goofy and he makes a lot of sarcastic comments that he thinks are clever as hell and he always laughs at them himself. he is at his happiest when he feels like he belongs somewhere, and when he’s flying. when flying he is filled with awesome joy - for once he has no limitations, he can go anywhere, do anything, and watching the world shrink beneath him makes him feel like he can forget his problems for a little while and just enjoy himself fully.

andrew + being alone: like i mentioned above, andrew needs a lot of alone time to recover from social situations. going to school is incredibly stressful for him so when he gets home he goes straight to his room and goes into shutdown mode. he spends hours just chilling out on his bed, doodling more pictures for his walls, playing single-player computer games, practicing his powers, reading stuff online, watching anime, fixing people’s computers for extra cash. in dane gang he’s started meditating and does a lot of furniture rearranging to let out all his extra energy. but to take this in a different direction - andrew doesn’t like feeling alone. he hates feeling like no one gives a shit about him. for most of his life he felt like his mother was the only person who cared if he existed at all, and he wishes he had the support of close friends that everyone else seemed to have but him. so when steve (and matt) got close with him it meant everything to him to know that someone else in the world cared about him and would be there for him if he needed it. and of course then his father ruined everything by beating into his head yet again you are alone alone alone no one actually cares about you no one really likes you. thanks richard pls burn in hell


1st pictures of Disney short film “Feast” directed by Patrick Osborne (head animator on Paperman).


"For me the heart of this film is determination. The perseverance of the human spirit." - Emily Blunt (x)

Were you scared? I tried to make Jim go back, but, you can’t make Jim do anything. Thank you for not telling them that we… You’re welcome. It must have been awful when they told you whose house it was. I knew it was Jim’s house. You… you did? Yes. …Well, then why’d you do it? Because you asked me to. 
— Edward Scissorhands (1990)

“People can come back, right? As ghosts. They don’t have to disappear completely.”