it's our hearts that make the beat

it's our hearts that make the beat

asexual | 20 | female | aquarius | intp
arctic fox | ravenclaw | rogue of blood

my name's aisu and i'm a fursuiting animation student
who's obsessed with hearts and movies. a collector of pokémon, furbies, dane dehaan characters, and twenty
one pilots
interviews. i like icelandic falsettos and
making people uncomfortable about their own insides.
my daemon is pyth and he's a great singer.
currently obsessed with kill your darlings
~*andrew detmer appreciation blog*~
inspiration | pony art
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You are the authority on what is not possible, aren’t you?
They’ve got you looking for any flaw, that after a while that’s all you see.
For what it’s worth, I’m here to tell you that it is possible. It is possible.

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      Happy Birthday, Jónsi!

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There’s gonna be a Reel Bear Media shirt soon which is very exciting to me. 

i’ll wear it


        There’s gonna be a Reel Bear Media shirt soon which is very exciting to me. 

        i’ll wear it

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            it’s what we call ourselves — sort of like a team. earth’s mightiest heroes type thing.

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                aisu10 asked "what did you think of my daemon fic? :')"


                Ok, just, I have to collect myself a little bit because so many feelings. I loved it, and want more, for one. I just love the idea of them with Daemons, and the choices for their daemons were pretty perfect. The two details I really liked were A) Ginsberg’s Vole at the end. When you said his daemon was a vole I wondered what that would mean for older Allen, and had the image immediately of older Allen, with a vole with overgrown hair standing high on his shoulder. So when at the end his daemon was standing on his shoulder I was very pleased. Also as soon as that owl turned into a Serval my blood ran cold! That was so startling and chilling, and the idea that somebody’s settled daemon could change is very disturbing for some reason. Things still left unanswered: how much daemon touching went on between Lucien and David? A lot? None? The shipper in me needs to know. I would also like to see Allen and Jack’s daemons hanging out, but that may be asking too much (I have this image of her riding on top of the wolverine and it is very cute) haha. Oh my, now this message has become too long, but in any case I loved it! 

                i’m so glad you liked it!!! thank you so much for the feedback, it means a lot! 

                the thing with his daemon changing was supposed to be really twisted and horrifying so i’m glad that came across well! i do really want to write more about lucien and david’s relationship pre-movie, but it didn’t fit into this fic as it’s supposed to go right along with what we see in the film. i think i might write an addition with extra scenes from before, after, and during the fic. then i’ll be able to get more scenes with jack and bill’s daemons too!

                thanks again! and if anyone is looking at this and hasn’t read the fic yet, it’s here!

                  39 and still young ;)

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