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Jared twirling around with a flower crown in Vienna

Lana, is that you?

Mr. Nobody - Nemo & Anna → favorite moments [1/3]


Nemo Nobody

"I worked with Jared on Fight Club. I got a call from his manager at the time who said, "Jared would love to be in this movie in some way, would you meet with him?" and I said, "Yeah" and he came down and I met with him. I was struck by how good looking he was and so I decided that the only useful part in the movie for him was Angel Face, where he gets his face beaten off. And I was thinking, on this film, I needed somebody who would do all of the physical stuff - because there’s an enormous amount of running around - and stay kind of focused, but also had a sense of humor; I needed somebody who was kind of funny. I really get along with Jared, I love his sense of humor and he’s an extremely self deprecating person. Although I don’t think he appreciated having to spend nine hours a day in makeup on Fight Club, and another six hours a day on this movie to get all of his burns on. You know, we did light him on fire and - we made him do all of his own stunts, pretty much - and we did shoot him in the back of the head and pull his feet out from under him with a wire.
He’s, you know, my kind of masochist.

- David Fincher, Panic Room commentary.

Happy 1-year anniversary, ‘Up In The Air’.