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Timm Ulrichs, “Wolf im Schafspelz – Schaf im Wolfspelz: Ein Verwandlungskunststück (Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing - Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing: A conversation piece)” (2005/10): Ulrichs demonstrates a sharp wit with this smart arrangement of objects. Here he presents a literal translation of the Biblical idiom of the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and pits across its opposite, the inverted metaphor “sheep in wolf’s clothing.” It’s interesting to witness how simply changing the exterior of each stuffed animal seems to change the physiology and the expressiveness of the animal. In this case, the skeletal interior seems to preserve the animal’s inner “essence,” since the sheep in wolf’s clothing looks like a docile wolf, while the wolf in sheep’s clothing looks like a predator sheep.



My friend David Roy Marsh was kind enough to lend his modeling skills to help me in a photoshoot to show off some of my recent taxidermy work. This black wolf is one of my favorite headdresses so far! It was made on commission so is not for sale. I got the pelt secondhand from a fellow taxidermist who had no use for it himself. 

David rather reminds me of the character Floki from History Channel’s “Vikings” series. His look and mannerisms are uncannily similar, so we tried to catch an element of “trickster-ness” in this series of shots. David makes a dramatic transformation of sorts when he lowers his head to show off his wolf cloak. 



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